Throw a Low Mess, Low Stress Game Day Party

Serve This Vegetarian-Approved Menu at Your Next Game-Day Party Mobile - Throw a Low Mess, Low Stress Game Day Party

Having guests over for the big game? Check off your to-do list by enlisting the help of these four kitchen appliances – they’ll do practically everything for you but answer the door and pour the drinks.

  1. Air Fryers

    Air-Fryer Peruvian Chicken WingsFried foods are a big part of sports-centric parties, but it might not be practical to haul out and man the deep fryer. The perfect substitute? An air fryer. Food cooked in the air fryer doesn’t need much (or any) oil at all to cook and it still gets the same kind of fried, crispy texture as its much greasier counterpart. The cleanup is easier than a regular deep fryer, too.
    Air fryers are great for cooking a batch of fries to load up with chili and cheese, crispy chicken wings like these air-fried Peruvian-style ones or these mostly healthy yet deeply satisfying Buffalo cauliflower bites.

  2. Slow Cookers

    Slow cooker corn dip with baconWhen you need to feed a crowd, there’s nothing in your cabinets more valuable than a slow cooker. Just throw a few ingredients in the crock and you’ll have a large batch of food ready by kickoff with very little hands-on time in the kitchen. Think: gooey queso dipsticky jalapeño wings and North Carolina pulled pork barbecue that practically makes itself. That means you can focus on preparing other dishes or just kicking back and enjoying the pre-game show with your guests. Hot dogs for a crowd, anyone?
    And if you’re not hosting the party but volunteered to bring a dish, the Stay or Go® slow cooker is the MVP when it comes to taking food on the road. Stay or Go® slow cookers have special clips that secure the lid shut, so you don’t spill your famous party meatballs all over the floor of your car. When you get to the party, plug it in and set it to keep warm for serving.
  3. Indoor Grills

    classic grilled steakIf you’re throwing a watch party for winter sports like football and basketball, there’s a solid chance the weather won’t be conducive to outdoor grilling. More important: the television – the centerpiece of a game-day watch party – is inside! So you should be, too.
    The solution: use an indoor grill. Set it up in front of your TV, if you feel like it. You’ll have an endless supply of burgers and kabobs prepared right before your eyes – and the big screen. The Health Smart® Indoor/Outdoor Grill is one of our favorites because of how good it is at reducing smoke.

  4. Food Choppers and Food Processors

    Air-Fryer Peruvian Chicken WingsParty favorites like salsas, guacamole, slaws, cheesy dips, hummuspasta salads and deviled eggs are more prep work than anything else. That’s where food choppers and food processors are particularly handy. Letting the machine do the cutting for you is the easiest way to save a significant amount of prep time, especially if you’re making recipes in large batches to feed a crowd.
    Buying non-processed products, like a block of cheddar instead of a bag of the shredded stuff, will even save you a little money – always a good thing when you’re feeding multiple mouths.




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