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Make Egg Bites At Home

Save money and skip the trip to the coffee shop by making egg bites at home with the Hamilton Beach® Egg Bites Maker. It lets you quickly and easily make your own velvety egg bites with fresh, delicious ingredients. And your choices are not limited—you can create an endless variety of egg bite flavors and combinations using your own fresh, preservative-free ingredients.

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Egg Bites Step 1

Step 1:

Measure water and pour into the center of the base.

Egg Bites Step 2

Step 2:

Prepare the egg mixture with your choice of ingredients and fill the tray to the max fill line.

Egg Bites Step 3

Step 3:

Cover with the lid, and your egg bites will be ready in less than 10 minutes.

Egg Bites Step 4

Step 4:

Take off the lid and remove the tray from base, your egg bites are ready to serve and enjoy!

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