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Multi-Cook with confidence

Busy days can make cooking a challenge. Our versatile cookers work with your schedule. Need an all-in-one appliance with lots of functions? A multi-cooker can sear beef, sauté chicken, cook rice, make low-and-slow-cook dishes and more. Need dinner in a flash? A multi-cooker with pressure cooking capability will quickly cook a juicy roast or pork carnitas. And if you desire the ultimate in low fuss, the slow cooker is your friend. More homemade meals, more time to enjoy. Now that’s delicious.

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Help me choose: Slow cookers, pressure cookers and multi-cookers

Appliances in general are made to make life easier, but these days, just picking one out is starting to be a challenge of its own. Check out our top picks from each category to figure out which one is right for you.

Multi-Cookers, demystified

In the age of meal kits, grocery delivery apps and subscription-based shopping, it seems like everybody’s out to save a little time and effort where they can when it comes to cooking.

Pressure cooking 101

Pressure cookers are all the rage now, and they’re not even close to the ones your parents or grandparents used to use.

Top 10 slow cooker questions, answered

Slow cookers are a staple small kitchen appliance, and while they seem straightforward, they can stir up quite a few questions. Since a lot of the design, engineering and testing of our slow cookers is done right here at Hamilton Beach headquarters, we got together with our experts in the Test Kitchen and engineering labs to get the best answers to your toughest questions.

Pressure cooking vs. slow cooking: Which is right for you?

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just learning how to cook, it’s easier than ever to achieve low-fuss, high-quality meals thanks to two kitchen appliances: the slow cooker and the pressure cooker.

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