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Infinite possibilities. That’s the beauty of the blender. And for busy lifestyles, time saved on preparing drinks and food is time gained on everything else. We build our blenders for maximum utility and endurance. So you can just as easily pulse up a soup or pesto as you can margaritas for six. Maybe you’re craving a single-serving smoothie for on the go. Or maybe what you need are ideas for better bringing your dishes to life—we have tons. 

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Blend, mix and purée your way to better cooking.

A blender is an essential appliance for any home cook. Learning to work with your blender will strengthen your cooking skills and broaden your culinary palate.

Smoothie freezer packs

Prepping smoothies in the morning can be time consuming, so you will love having these make-ahead smoothie packs on hand, especially on days when you decide to hit the snooze button on your alarm.

How to blend (almost) everything

If you’ve ever wondered if your blender is up for something a little trickier (or stickier!) or are trying to do a task best left up to another appliance like a food processor or coffee grinder, we’ve got you covered.

Best blenders for your smoothies & smoothie bowls + 6 recipes

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, thanks to products from Hamilton Beach that can help you easily juice and blend your fruits and vegetables to transform them into delicious and nutritious smoothies and smoothie bowls.

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