Slow Cookers 101: Safety & Savings

Slow Cookers 101: Savings & Safety Mobile - Slow Cookers 101: Savings & Safety

Safety FirstIs it safe to leave slow cookers unattended? Yes! 
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “are slow cookers safe to use overnight or unattended?”, and the answer is- yes! The thought of leaving the house with an appliance running can be unsettling, but slow cookers work on low wattage (only as much power as 1-1/2 100 watt light bulbs) and are designed to perform while you’re away. You should, however, always follow the instructions from the manufacturer of your particular appliance regarding basic safety precautions for any electrical appliance. We’ve worked with our experts to put together an overview of some of the important safeguards you should consider when you’re using a slow cooker.

Read All Instructions
Each product comes with its own unique set of Use & Care instructions specific to the safety and maintenance of that particular product. Slow Cookers are popular products that are used consistently by a lot of people every week, so it’s easy to feel like you can just plug it in and start cooking. While we work hard to ensure our slow cookers easy to use, we encourage everyone to read the Use & Care enclosed in your product’s packaging. Inside, you will find safety advice and instructions that can educate you on how to use both features of the product you may not be aware of and also how to use it in the safest possible way. You can easily access a .pdf version of the Use & Care that wasExample of Hamilton Beach slow cooker Use & Care instructions. packaged with your Hamilton Beach product right here on our site. You can find it under the “Support” section of your product’s detail page which is easy to find when you search by model number.

Closely Supervise Others
Children and others who might need supervision and instructions concerning the use of the slow cooker should be closely supervised by someone responsible for their safety. 

Don’t Touch, It’s Hot
The handles and knobs on your slow cooker aren’t for decoration- they are important safety elements that prevent you If you do need to move your slow cooker, be sure to use the attached handles.from needing to touch the hot surface of the slow cooker. The sides of a slow cooker base get very warm because the heating elements are located there. If you must move your slow cooker while it’s cooking or immediately after, you should use extreme caution (and those handles) to minimize burn risk. If you need to remove the hot crock, use oven mitts, and when removing the lid of your slow cooker, tilt it open so it faces away from you to avoid the steam that can be released. When your meal is complete, allow the slow cooker to cool before cleaning, putting on or taking off parts.

Keep Away from Water
Never immerse the cord, plug, or base of your slow cooker in water or other liquid. When you’re ready to clean your slow cooker, wipe the outside with a soft, damp cloth. Most crocks and lids are dishwasher safe, but check your product’s Use & Care instructions to confirm.

Unplug When Done
Always unplug your slow cooker from the outlet when not in use and before cleaning.. Wonder why your slowMost slow cooker crocks and lids are dishwasher safe. cooker’s cord seems so short? We use a short power-supply cord to reduce the risk resulting from it being grabbed by children, becoming entangled in, or tripping over a longer cord.  Another word of caution: don’t let the cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces, including the stove.

Keep It Working
Before using your slow cooker, you should look it over to make sure everything appears to be in good working order.  Never operate any appliance with a damaged supply cord or plug, or after the appliance malfunctions or has been dropped or damaged in any way. While many repairs can be completed safely at home, always allow the manufacturer or other qualified person to replace or repair supply cords to avoid a hazard. For Hamilton Beach products, including slow cookers, you can call our customer service number (USA: 1-800-851-8900) for information on examination, repair or adjustment.

Plus, Save More at Home With Slow Cookers
Eating meals at home definitely has a positive impact on budgets, but an added surprise might be this additional reduction to your food bill. Since slow cookers cook meat low and slow, you can buy less expensive, or even toughSlow cookers are energy efficient. cuts of meat and they will cook to moist perfection. Additionally, slow cookers are energy efficient. It cooks with contained heat and only uses as much power as 1-1/2 100 watt light bulbs. So, even if you use it for 8 hours, energy costs are minimal! And, unlike having the oven on, a slow cooker won’t heat up your kitchen. SHOP SLOW COOKERS




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