Slow Cookers 101: Guide to the Basics

Slow Cookers 101: Guide to the Basics Mobile - Slow Cookers 101: Guide to the Basics
Beauty in Simplicity

The beauty of a slow cooker is in its simplicity. Unlike most small appliances, a slow cooker allows for unattended use. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who work during the day, but still want a home-cooked meal for their family. Slow Cookers are composed of a base, vessel and a lid.

The Base

The main part of the slow cooker is the base which contains the heating coils. These heater bands warm the bottom of the slow cooker. This heat rises up to the crock, heating both the bottom and sides to provide uniform cooking. How hot the slow cooker gets depends on the setting you chose. The temperature control, also found on the base, allow you to set the cooking temperature on high or low. The warm setting should only be used after food has been fully cooked.

The Crock

The crock, normally made of glazed ceramic or heavy stoneware, holds the food you want to cook. The vessel is often heavy, but is made so that the heat is constant and evenly distributed. Although some vessels are built in, most are removable for easy preparation and cleaning.

The Lid

The final and perhaps most important component of a slow cooker is the lid. The lid keeps heat and steam inside. Without it, the cooker could not reach the appropriate cooking temperature. The lid also works as a baster, continually creating a moist environment for the food.



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