7 Must-Have Appliances for Parties & Potlucks

7 Must-Have Appliances for Parties & Potlucks Mobile - 7 Must-Have Appliances for Parties & Potlucks

7 Must-Have Appliances for Parties & Potlucks

When you’re expecting a crowd, whether it’s for a Memorial Day barbecue, a Father’s Day brunch or Labor Day soiree, it can be tough to figure out a way to feed everyone, especially if you’re on a budget. An even tougher problem to solve? Transporting your hot dish to your sister’s house for the 4th of July picnic. Luckily, we make appliances that make it simple to serve the masses and that are easy to transport — from roaster ovens, to coffee urns, to specialized slow cookers. If you have a party or potluck coming up, discover our must-have appliances for entertaining at home or on-the-go.

Food Prep Must-Haves

food processor hummus on a plate with veggiesFood Processors
One of the hardest parts of cooking for parties and potlucks is the amount of chopping and prep work that goes into making large meals. Whether you plan on making a large batch of dip or a family-sized mac & cheese, a food processor will help cut down on all that chopping and grating. It’ll also help save you money — instead of buying pre-chopped veggies or pre-grated cheese, it’s a snap to use your food processor. Your food processor can also help you make a large-scale soup or salad. When it comes to food prep for crowds, a food processor is a must-have.

Main Course Must-Haves

pears in a roasting ovenRoaster Oven
Trying to cooking a main course for 40? Use your roaster oven. These versatile appliances can roast, bake, and cook everything from North Carolina-style bbq to a bunch of baked potatoes to the perfect cheesecake. The 22-quart capacity makes it one of the best appliances for cooking for a crowd. It can also serve as additional oven space for your main course or side dishes, depending on what’s on the menu. It can also be transported to a picnic shelter and do the work there — as long as you have a way to plug it in, you can use your roaster oven. If your family tree is more like a family forest, a roaster oven can help feed them all.

pork roast in a slow cookerSlow Cooker with Stay or Go® Clips
Slow cookers have long been championed by home cooks for their ability to cook for a crowd. But besides the ability to make the best pot roast, Hamilton Beach slow cookers have another thing that makes them worth inviting to the party: our patented Stay or Go® clips. Select slow cooker models feature these clips, specifically created to keep your party meatballs from spilling onto the backseat and your family chili recipe off your floor boards.

We have other slow cookers that are party perfect, too, like our party crock made for hot dips and our Connectables Slow Cookers that can make a plug-in daisy chain for slow cooker tapas.

french fries being made in a deep fryerDeep Fryer
Bring the fun and flair of a carnival to the 4th of July picnic! A deep fryer is a great way to wow a crowd at your next party or potluck. Not only can you fry up basket after basket of crispy french fries or crispy fried chicken, you can also experiment with carnival classics like deep-fried cookies and funnel cakes.

Beverage Must-Haves

coffee mugs in handsCoffee Urn
If you’re planning a large breakfast or brunch, or need to serve after-dinner coffee to a crowd, skip the 12-cup coffee maker and go straight for a coffee urn. Serving either 40 or 60 cups, depending on the model, our coffee urns make mountains of hot java and have other features that make serving coffee at your party or potluck so much easier like one-hand dispensing and dual-heating systems to keep your coffee warm without burning it.

strawberry margarita made in a commercial blenderCommercial Blender
Want to whip up margaritas all night long? Try using a Commercial Blender. While other blenders may be up to the task for a few margaritas here and there, blender motors that aren’t designed for tough tasks can become overheated if you use them for extended periods of time, like when you’re making icy blended beverages for a party. Commercial blenders have higher wattage and stronger motors and, since they are created to be used in busy bars and restaurants, can stand up to the task of keeping your party going.

Dessert Must-Haves

blueberry ice cream made in an ice cream makerIce Cream Maker
Of course, you can purchase large tubs of ice cream to go with grandma’s apple pies, but why not make it yourself instead? Our 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker will make your favorite frozen treat, from classic vanilla ice cream to gelato to frozen yogurt, for less money and add more fun. Let the kids help as you set your collapsible bucket and fill it with ice and salt, put in your favorite ingredients, and let the machine do the rest.

Before your next big family get-together, make sure your kitchen is stocked with the tools to make your party or potluck a success. From slow cookers to ice cream makers, food processors to coffee urns, great meals and memories start with must-have appliances.

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