DIY Holidays: Thanksgiving Iron-On Napkins

DIY Holidays: Thanksgiving Iron-On Napkins Mobile - DIY Holidays: Thanksgiving Iron-On Napkins
Add a personal note of gratitude to your Thanksgiving table this year with our DIY Napkin Iron-On. It’s simple and can be done well in advance of the big day. Easy step-by-step instruction are detailed below.
  1. Download the PDF and print onto iron-on transfer paper. Don’t forget to flip the image so it prints in reverse.
  2. Cut napkin design images as close to the lettering as possible.
  3. Using your favorite Durathon hot iron, press wrinkles out of the napkin. Then, decide where you’d like to place the iron-on and lay it face down.
  4. Carefully press the iron-on with the iron. Be careful not to let the iron-on slip. When finished, left iron and allow transfer to cool.
  5. Slowly peel back the paper from the iron-on transfer. Voila, your napkin should be transformed.
  6. Continue the process on each napkin.
  7. Accent your napkins with a napkin ring, or fold into a festive turkey origami.
  8. Add to each place setting to add a thankful tone and make all guests feel truly appreciated.

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