Spiralizer Basics + Foods You Can Spiralize

Spiralizer Basics + Foods You Can Spiralize Mobile - Spiralizer Basics + Foods You Can Spiralize

Spiralizing is simpler than it may sound. It’s turning firm vegetables and fruits into long strands that look like noodles using a specific tool – the spiralizer. From restaurant chefs to parents of picky eaters, spiralizing has become a popular method of adding fresh vegetables and fruits into a variety of dishes in a fun way.

Spiralizing fresh fruits and vegetables is an easy way to incorporate more healthy ingredients into your family’s diet. That’s because it simplifies the prep work of slicing large amounts of vegetables for a dish. Try substituting zucchini noodles in your favorite pasta dish, add ribbons of pears to oatmeal or make a delicious snack of sweet potato curly fries.

A spiralizer is a handheld tool that works similar to a pencil sharpener - the raw vegetable is placed in a chamber and pushed through the slicer either with an attachment or hand crank. Many of these gadgets come with different blades, including graters, so you can mix up the widths and shapes of your spirals.

A spiralizer is traditionally manual and has either a horizontal or vertical hold. Models with electric power, like the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Spiralizer, make spiralizing as simple as adding the food to the chamber and pressing a button. Whichever spiralizer you choose, you’ll soon discover how easy and fun it is to make delicious, nutritious meals with it.

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