Professional Blenders: Top 5 Reasons to Go Pro

Professional Blenders: Top 5 Reasons to Go Pro Mobile - Professional Blenders: Top 5 Reasons to Go Pro

It's no wonder that professional-grade blenders have become a staple in the home kitchen. These workhorses are packed with power and durability, so you can juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind spreads – all with just a push of a button. Here are some key benefits that make a high-performance blender worth the upgrade.

Buy the Hamilton Beach® Professional 1500 Watt Peak Power Quiet Blender Now1. Power

Switching to a professional-level blender means an instant increase in power. Expect commanding horsepower that will work through the toughest of ingredients and peak powers of 1800 watts. Peak power is what the blender pulls the first few seconds after it’s turned on; it’s a good measure of a motor’s power potential because it’s when blending power is needed most. With these capable machines, you can easily turn frozen fruit into a silky smoothie or grind grains into fine flour in just seconds.

2. Performance

Professional-level blenders go beyond the custom high-medium-low settings. Variable speed dials will give you ultimate control during the blending process. Whip, chop or puree to the exact consistency you want without the worry of over or under processing.

3. Convenience

Get the same advantages busy restaurant chefs rely on like pre-programmed settings, one button cleaning and countdown timers. Look for models that include helpful accessories like removable quiet shields, tamper tools to help keep thick ingredients circulating, and filler-caps with easy measuring markings for dressings and marinades.

4. Durability

High-performance blenders often come equipped with sturdy pieces like all-metal drives, hardened stainless steel blades, thermal-protected motors and shatterproof jars that can handle any blending job.

5. Dependability

These powerful blenders are built to last – a claim that is usually backed by a good warranty.

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