Deep Fryers: Expert Tips From Our Test Kitchen

Deep Fryers: Expert Tips From Our Test Kitchen Mobile - Deep Fryers: Expert Tips From Our Test Kitchen

Fresh fried chicken with a crackling crust and tender interior. A lightly fried apple fritter with a satisfyingly sweet crunch. The perfect French fry that’s crispy and dark golden brown. Whatever your deep fried desire may be, our Test Kitchen has the expert tips that will help make any fried food you fancy a reality.

Our Test Kitchen recommends that you start off by using a good quality vegetable or peanut oil for frying. Frying foods in butter, margarine, olive oil, or animal fat is not recommended because of low temperature smoke points. The smoke point is the temperature where the oil or fat starts to break down and subsequently starts smoking. Oils with high smoking points don’t break down as easily and are the best for frying to achieve those high temperatures that result in deliciously fried foods. Other tips from our Test Kitchen on oil selection and usage include: use only one type of oil at a time (never mix your oils), use only fresh or only reuse oil (never combine used and new oils), and always use room temperature oil (never use oil straight from the refrigerator).

Oil can be reused, but you will want to change your oil regularly to maintain optimum frying and flavor quality. Frying oil takes on the flavor of the food you cooked in it, so you’ll want to be mindful of what foods you plan on cooking in oil that’s already been used. For example, frying donuts and funnel cake in the same oil would be delicious, but frying donuts after fish would lead to some very fishy tasting donuts.

Other tips from our Test Kitchen on oil usage include:

Preparing your food for frying is just as important as selecting the right oil for frying. Follow these tips to make sure your food is ready to fry:

Our Test Kitchen answered our top frying food troubles:

Clean-up after frying is easier than you might have thought. Plus, since it’s critical that you let the hot oil cool completely before disposing of or storing it, you have plenty of time to enjoy your fresh fried food with friends and family before starting to scrub up.

When working with hot oil, safety is crucial. Follow these safety tips from our Test Kitchen to help make your frying experience a safe one.


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