Infographic: Breakfast Around the World

Infographic: Breakfast Around the World

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We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Teachers, parents, doctors, and spouses often remind us that we need to eat something to help us start our day. While many Americans think of breakfast foods as bacon, eggs, and pancakes, other countries eat different foods in the morning. Some countries eat foods that many Americans may not even consider as "breakfast" foods. So take a look at how people eat breakfast around the world.

Breakfast Around the World Infographic from Hamilton Beach

As mentioned above, the typical American breakfast meal would include thick pancakes and syrup alongside a few pieces of bacon. This, of course, would be served with a cup of coffee. Generally, this meal would take about 25 minutes to make and result in 515 calories.

In France, the French have a "le petit dejeuner", or small breakfast, to start their morning. This would include a slice of toast with butter or jam. You may find some eating a croissant, instead of toast, with coffee or tea. Even with a smaller breakfast, the calorie count for a typical French breakfast is slightly higher than American's with 552 calories.

This breakfast might surprise you if you are not familiar with Japan. In Japan, they start their mornings with traditional steamed rice, miso soup, raw eggs and nori. Nori is an edible seaweed that is commonly used as a wrap in sushi. This filling meal may seem like a lot but the calorie count only comes to 218.

Mexico eats a full meal with breakfast and one popular dish is huevos rancheros. This is fried eggs served with salsa. Tortillas are often served with breakfast but are stuffed with beans, eggs, salsa, and sour cream. This meal is filling and comes in at 500 calories.

India has one of the highest calorie breakfast meals that includes Ragi idli (biscuits) and dosa (a large crepe suzette). This is made out of ragi flour and fermented overnight. They are often served with lassi, a savory drink that is yogurt combined with water and spices, such as cumin.

In Nigeria, the cooking is more diversified but a meal that is common is a dish called moyi-moyi. This consists of steamed bean pudding made from a combination of washed and peeled black-eyed-beans, onions, and fresh ground peppers. This meal is one of the lowest calorie meals with only 140 calories.

Gallo pinto is the national dish and a typical breakfast in Costa Rica. Spiced rice and beans are served with eggs, sour cream, and sausages to create a filling 560 calorie meal.

An Iranian breakfast typically features naan bread with butter and jam. If a heavier breakfast is desired, Iranians eat haleem, a combination of wheat, cinnamon, butter, and sugar cooked with shredded meat. All of this combined would be a complete 370 calorie meal.

No matter what you make for breakfast, you can always use something with which to prepare it. Hamilton Beach has toasters, skillets and griddles, waffle makers, and breakfast sandwich makers.


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