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Set & Forget® 6 Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker (33969)

Set & Forget® 6 Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker

MODEL: 33969
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  • Thermometer probe for precise results
  • Set it and forget it® with cooking modes featuring automatic keep warm
  • 3 program choices for easy, automatic cooking: Probe, Program and Manual
  • Spill-resistant travel— the lid quickly seals in place with the clip-tight gasket lid
  • Full-grip handles make carrying heavy meals easier
  • 6 quart oval crock is the perfect size for a 6 lb. chicken or 4 lb. roast
  • Wraparound, even heat cooks food evenly and consistently
  • Removable, dishwasher safe oval stoneware crock & lid
  • Power interrupt protection - keeps slow cooker on during a brief power outage
  • Backed with a one-year warranty

Dimensions (inches): 11.14 H x 17.1 W x 11.8 D


Eliminate weeknight stress with the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker. With three choices for automatic cooking, having a family meal on a busy weeknight is easier than ever. What you make and how you prepare it are up to you. Three smart settings – probe, program and manual – allow you to cook foods to a specific temperature, for a set number of hours or on High, Low or Warm settings for up to 24 hrs. Advanced features like a temperature display and probe minimize the chances of overcooking your food.

Smart Technology
Our smart technology allows you to cook a wide range of recipes to either a specific temperature when using the probe or to a desired cooking time. When your food is done cooking on either of these settings, the slow cooker will automatically switch to warm.

Three Automatic Cooking Choices

  1. Cook to a Precise Temperature with Your Probe
    The PROBE setting is great when cooking cuts of meat. What is even better? Seeing the food temperature inside the slow cooker displayed right on the screen. Set the slow cooker to the desired temperature, insert the probe into the meat and the slow cooker will automatically shift to warm when the desired temperature is reached.
    • Insert probe and set the desired meat temperature
    • Actual temperature of meat is displayed as it cooks
    • Automatically shifts to keep warm when the temperature is reached
  2. Cook to a Specific Time in Program Mode:
    When your pot roast recipe will be done in 6 hours, but you won’t be home for 8 hours or more, use the PROGRAM function. Select the heat setting and cooking time. The slow cooker will automatically switch to warm when the cooking time is up, so your meal will be hot and ready to serve when you arrive home. It’s that easy.
    • Set the exact cooking time needed
    • Automatically shifts to keep warm when the time is up
  3. Do It Yourself in Manual Mode:
    The MANUAL setting allows you to slow cook on High, Low or Warm heat settings, just like a traditional slow cooker you may have grown up with.
    • Set traditional high, low or keep warm without setting a time

Clip-Tight Gasket Lid Resists Spills
When you need to take your home-cooked meal on the road, the slow cooker’s clip-locked, secure lid has a tight seal to help ensure that your shirt and your car arrive without a messy spill.

Power Interrupt Protection
The Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker is equipped with power interrupt protection. So during a momentary power interruption of 5 seconds or less, the slow cooker will remember the programmed heat and time settings and continue cooking.

Perfect Size for Family Dinner
The 6 quart oval crock is the perfect size for a 6 lb. chicken or 4 lb. roast and so much more. It’s the perfect size for a home-cooked family meal.







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