Induction Portable Cooktop (34102)
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Induction Portable Cooktop (34102)
MODEL: 34102

Induction cooktops are incredibly handy and versatile. The Hamilton Beach® Induction Cooktop is the ideal size for RV's, small apartments or anywhere you need an extra cooktop. It's portable, efficient and it heats 40% faster than a typical kitchen smoothtop range. It has six heat settings, allowing for precision and flexibility in cooking performance.

There are many benefits to induction cooking, from energy-efficiency to safety. The high-performance Induction Cooktop from Hamilton Beach® is sure to exceed your expectations. Use it to boil, fry, steam and sauté.

  • Energy efficient – it heats only the diameter of the pan, so there’s less wasted energy and heating begins instantly for fast cook times.
  • Easy to clean – spills are less likely to bake onto the glass top, making for easier cleanup. Simply wipe up any mess when cool.
  • Safe – There are no hot coils or open flame, so the risk for burns or other kitchen accidents is greatly reduced. When you remove the cookware, the conduction of heat stops instantly and the cooktop will not work without the proper pan. There is a lock feature for added safety.
  • Portable – with its compact design, the Hamilton Beach Induction Cooktop is easy to take anywhere you need an additional cooktop.
  • Heats 40% faster* 
  • For induction-ready cookware
  • Compatible with induction-ready cookware such as some stainless steel, cast iron & enameled iron
  • Smooth surface wipes clean fast 
  • 6 heat settings 
  • Easy-to-read digital display 
  • Safety lock feature 
  • 120 minute timer 

*Than a typical kitchen smoothtop range or stove when boiling water

How It Works

Induction cooking works through a magnetic field between the induction coils beneath the glass top and the ferrous (iron-containing) material in the cookware. Heat from induction is only produced in the pan itself, not in the glass top. The cooktop will get hot where the pan is placed as a result of the heat transfer from the pan. 

Selecting the Right Cookware

Only induction-ready cookware will work with induction cooktops. Cookware must have iron in the bottom of the pan. Place a small kitchen magnet on cookware bottom; if it holds, it is induction cooktop ready. Use only flat-bottom cookware that is 5 to 10 inches (13-25 cm) in diameter.

 Cookware that works:

  • Some stainless steel
  • Enamel cast iron
  • Enamel on steel
  • Cast iron


Cookware that will not work:

  • Copper bottom
  • Glass
  • Aluminum (includes many nonstick pans)
  • Pottery-type cookware


Care and Cleaning:

When finished cooking, turn cooktop off and unplug from outlet. Allow cooktop to cool completely. Wipe cooktop surface with a soft, water-dampened cloth. If further cleaning is needed, wipe cooktop surface with a mixture of water and mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges on the cooktop. 

 Dimensions (inches): 2.68 H x 11.73 W x 13.88 D






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