Grind and Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker (49989)
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Grind and Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker (49989)
MODEL: 49989

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One of the keys to great tasting coffee is using freshly ground beans. With the Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffeemaker, you can grind your favorite coffee beans and brew up to 16 ounces of fresh coffee immediately. Just fill the bean chamber, add water, and press the Grind/Brew button. The coffeemaker will automatically grind the beans and dispense the ground coffee into the brew basket. An automatic rinse will clean the grinding chamber to prevent clogging.  Alternatively, you can also add pre-ground coffee into the permanent filter basket and press the Brew button. An adjustable cup rest fits a traditional mug as well as a travel mug. Make two 8-ounce cups at the same time as the dual spout can deliver two streams of coffee.

  • Two ways to brew - with whole beans or ground coffee
  • Grinds whole beans and brews for fresh flavor
  • Also brews with traditional ground coffee
  • Brew into one or two mugs or up to 16 oz. into a travel cup
  • Automatic rinse cleans grinding chamber to prevent clogging
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Adjustable cup rest fits travel cup or mug
  • Love fresh flavor? Add coffee beans to the grinding chamber
  • Want extra convenience? Add ground coffee to the permanent filter basket
  • Coffee scoop included

Enjoy the freshness by grinding your own coffee
Grinding coffee beans immediately before brewing keeps your coffee’s rich full-bodied flavor intact. With the Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffeemaker, you can grind your favorite beans and brew a fantastic cup all in one appliance. An automatic rinse feature cleans out the bean chamber to prevent clogging.
Extra convenience with multiple options
Choose whole beans or ground coffee when you make your morning cup. The permanent filter means no extra filters to buy. An adjustable cup rest lets you brew into a travel cup if you are on-the-go or a traditional mug to enjoy your coffee at home. Single-serve means you can brew a fresh cup whenever you like. A scoop is included for easy measurement of beans or ground coffee.
Simple to operate
Two large buttons on the front offer one-touch operation and make brewing a snap. Brew up to 16 ounces of coffee in three quick steps. Simply fill the water reservoir, add whole beans to the bean chamber, and push the Grind/Brew button. The coffeemaker will automatically grind the beans and dispense them into the filter, no scooping needed. Or, if you choose, you can brew using ground coffee by adding coffee to the filter and selecting the Brew button to bypass the grinding process. Brew in a standard mug or a travel cup; it’s up to you. The coffeemaker automatically shuts off after the brew cycle is complete.
Make one or two cups
The Grind and Brew Singe Serve Coffeemaker can make two 8-ounce cups of coffee at once which is great for starting the morning. The dual spout delivers two streams of coffee at the same time. Your morning cup will taste fresh and be easier to make when the Grind and Brew Single-Serve Coffeemaker is a part of your daily routine.
Tips for the best-tasting coffee
  • All coffees are made from either arabica beans or robusta beans, or some combination of both. Arabica beans are slightly more expensive, but tend to produce better-tasting coffee.
  • Ground coffee will become stale much faster than whole beans. If buying preground coffee, choose a package with the latest expiration date or a smaller quantity.
  • Try to use freshly ground coffee within about a week of grinding.
  • Using filtered water or bottled water will yield better-tasting coffee than tap water.
  • Make sure your coffeemaker is clean.
  • If overflow occurs, use slightly less ground coffee or fewer beans.

Servings: 1
  • 3 Tablespoons ground coffee
  • 1 Tablespoon cream of coconut
  • 1 Tablespoon chocolate syrup
  • 1/8 teaspoon almond extract
Place 3 tablespoons coffee in filter basket. Fill water reservoir with 1 cup water. Place cream of coconut in a 16-ounce container. Brew coffee into container. Add chocolate syrup, almond extract and ice. Stir well.
Dimensions (inches):  15.3 H x  7.7 W x  10.2 D







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