Glass & Stainless Steel with Copper Finish Kettle (40866)
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Glass & Stainless Steel with Copper Finish Kettle
MODEL: 40866
  • 1.7 liter capacity
  • Glass & stainless steel with copper finish
  • Auto shutoff with boil-dry protection
  • Cord-free serving
  • Faster than a microwave, safer than a stovetop kettle
  • Soft Illumination
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Built-in mesh filter
  • On/off switch

Dimensions (inches): 9.88 H x 8.63 W X 6.25 D


Copper finish and cord-free serving.

Bring the classic look of copper to your table without the expensive pricetag and maintence with the Hamilton Beach® Glass Kettle. The beautiful copper finish and cord-free serving make it perfect for any occasion, from weekday breakfast to Sunday brunch. With a 1.7 liter capacity, there’s enough for everyone.

A powerful rapid-boil system provides heat quickly, so you’ll have boiling water ready in minutes. The glow of a soft, white light will let you know when the water is heating up, and will turn off once it reaches a boil. The automatic shutoff feature with boil-dry protection keeps the kettle from scorching. A built-in mesh filter and the wide opening of the spout make pouring and cleaning easy.

Copper Finish Glass & Stainless Steel Accents
This stylish kettle has a brilliant shimmer thanks to its copper finish, and sturdy stainless steel accents. A soft, white light glows while the water heats, and automatically turns off when it reaches a boil.

Safer Than a Stovetop Kettle
Enjoy boiled water without the hazards of open flames. The heating unit is concealed in the base, creating an efficient way to heat water quickly. The kettle automatically shuts off once the water has boiled.

DisFaster Than a Microwave
For those who need hot water fast, this electric kettle is for you. In minutes, you’ll have multiple cups of boiling water for serving French press or pour-over coffee, tea or cocoa to friends.

Cord-Free Serving
The kettle easily and safely lifts off the heating base, making it perfect for placing on the table for gatherings, or sharing on busy weekday mornings.

Built-in Mesh Filter
An anti-scale mesh filter fits inside the spout and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Water View Window
Know exactly how much water you’re boiling, or keep an eye on how much you have left, with a clear water view window that has easy-to-read measurement marks.






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