FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser (49988)
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FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser
MODEL: 49988
  • Make coffee and/or hot water for other beverages
  • Enjoy maximum brewing flexibility
  • Use a single-serve pack or ground coffee
  • Compatible with any K-Cup®* pack
  • Coffeemaker:
    • Brews with a single-serve pack or ground coffee
    • Brews up to 14 ounces into a cup or travel mug
    • Bold or regular settings
    • Adjustable cup rest fits cup or travel mug
  • Hot Water Dispenser:
  • Dispenses up to 16 ounces of hot water for tea, hot cocoa, instant coffee, or cereal
  • Water stays hot (above 176° F) for 30 minutes, then shuts off automatically
  • “Water Ready” icon shows you when water is hot
  • One-hand dispensing of hot water right into your cup or bowl

* K-CUP is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Use of the K-CUP trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Wake up to your favorite beverage

Fill the coffeemaker with water and your favorite coffee the night before and program for a hot cup right as you wake up, or have water ready for hot cereal when the kids sit down for breakfast. You can program for coffee or hot water options. Hit the snooze button? The hot water feature keeps water above 176º F for 30 minutes.

Choose your brew strength

This coffeemaker offers the choice of regular or bold brewing strengths. If you typically purchase coffee described as “bright, breakfast blend, or mildly flavored” and are not fond of espresso, your taste buds will be more at home with the regular setting. If, on the other hand, you are drawn to dark roast coffee beans at the store and look for coffee adjectives such as “bold, deep, or rich,” choose the bold brew setting.

Brewing with a single-serve pack

Insert a single-portion pack into the coffeemaker and enjoy a piping hot cup in no time. The FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Hot Water Dispenser allows quick brewing in less time than an in-store café experience. Simply insert the single-serve pack and press it into the tray – that’s it. Using a single-serve pack, you can brew up to 10 ounces.

Brewing with ground coffee

Pre-packaged coffee isn’t for everyone. You can grind your own coffee beans to the medium-grind setting or save time and purchase pre-ground coffee. The permanent filter means no extra filters or adapters to buy. An adjustable cup rest lets you brew into a travel cup if you are on-the-go or a traditional mug to enjoy your coffee at home. Single-serve means you can brew a fresh cup whenever you like. Using ground coffee you can brew up to 14 ounces.
Extra convenience with multiple options
Not a coffee drinker or prefer other varieties of hot beverages? The FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Hot Water Dispenser allows for a variety of single-serve teas and even hot chocolate. Use the hot water dispenser for beverages or food. Prepare oatmeal in the morning, instant soup at lunch, or a cup of tea in the evening. One-hand dispensing makes it easy to fill a cup or bowl.


Servings: 1

3 Tablespoons ground coffee
1 Tablespoon cream of coconut
1 Tablespoon chocolate syrup
1/8 teaspoon almond extract

Place 3 tablespoons coffee in filter basket. Fill water reservoir with 1 cup water. Place cream of coconut in a 16-ounce container. Brew coffee into container. Add chocolate syrup, almond extract and ice. Stir well. 

Dimensions (inches): 13.39 H x 9.84 W x 11.61 D


Whether you are getting breakfast ready for the kids or fixing a quick cup for yourself, the Hamilton Beach® FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser simplifies your morning. Place a single serve pack in the holder, close the lid, and brew. It also brews ground coffee and can deliver hot water with one hand dispensing. Save counter space and time with this programmable coffeemaker.

Easy to program up to 24 hours in advance, it also boils and dispenses hot water for hot cocoa, oatmeal, or instant cereals. The water stays hot for 30 minutes, so it’s ready when you are. Great for your first cup of the day, it brews up to 10 ounces using single-serve packs and up to 14 ounces using ground coffee. Choose from regular or bold brewing options. An adjustable cup rest fits a traditional cup or travel mug.






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