Digital Two-Tier Food Steamer (37537)
Digital Two-Tier Food Steamer
MODEL: 37537
  • Use one steaming bowl or stack two bowls to steam larger quantities
  • Remove the divider between the bowls to steam large foods such as corn on the cob or a head of broccoli
  • Steams delicate fish, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels and oysters
  • Steams chicken breasts and hot dogs
  • Includes a rice bowl that’s perfect for white or brown rice and small foods
  • Cooks eggs upright from soft-cooked to hard-boiled
  • Digital touchpad makes setting the countdown timer and other functions easy
  • Switches to WARM and alerts you with a “beep” when cooking time is up
  • DELAY START timer lets you fill the steamer with produce in advance and begin steaming later (do not use for raw fish, seafood, meat or poultry)
  • Graphics printed on base tell you the steaming time for a variety of foods
  • Nested storage design fits neatly in your kitchen cabinet
  • Questions are supported by a toll-free call center located in the U.S.
  • Backed with a one-year warranty


Steaming a Balanced Meal
The Digital Food Steamer lets you prepare a whole meal in one, easy-to-use appliance. You can steam seafood or chicken breasts in the bottom bowl and vegetables in the top. Since food cooks faster in the
bottom bowl, always place food with longer steaming times on first, closer to the base.

Another option for cooking different types of food is to place one bowl (filled with food with longer steaming times) onto the base and steam first; then later add the second bowl filled with food that has shorter steaming times. For example, green beans and squash have shorter cooking times; foods with longer cooking times include red potatoes, sliced carrots, chicken breasts and fish steaks.

Steaming White and Brown Rice
The rice bowl is great for steaming rice and small amounts of food inside the steaming bowl. To steam rice, place rice and water into the rice bowl. A good rule of thumb for cooking rice is two parts water to one part rice. Fill the water reservoir to the MAX line, place the rice bowl inside the lower steaming bowl and top with the lid. Steam white rice for 20 to 25 minutes or brown rice for 42 to 45 minutes.

The next time you have a workout, sports activity or meeting that interferes with your family’s mealtime, let the Digital Food Steamer take over. To set DELAY START, fill the water reservoir to the MAX line and place food into one or two steaming bowls. Press the up/down arrows to set your delay time. When your delay time expires, food will steam for your selected cooking time, then switch to warm for up to one hour.

Do not use DELAY START for raw fish, seafood, meat or poultry.


If the water level in the steamer becomes too low, the Digital Food Steamer will switch OFF and flash “- -.“ Fill the unit with water to the MAX line, then push the ON/OFF button to restart the steamer. Never operate the steamer without water in the reservoir or use a liquid other than water for cooking purposes, as this may damage the unit.

Avoid blocking too many steaming holes by overcrowding the steaming bowls with food; this doesn’t leave enough room for adequate steam flow and could result in food that is not uniformly steamed. The steaming bowls, drip tray and removable collar are dishwasher safe. Wash the lid and the removable divider in warm, soapy water. Do not immerse the base in water or other liquid. Instead, allow it to cool and wipe the inside of the base with a damp cloth.

Dimensions (inches): 12.72 H x 12.95 W x 8.62 D


Make mealtime more exciting and your plate nutritionally balanced with colorful, vitamin-packed foods. It’s easy with the Digital Food Steamer by Hamilton Beach. Just add your choice of vegetables, seafood or chicken breasts and you’re minutes away from serving a satisfying steamed meal that the whole family will enjoy.

With the Digital Food Steamer in your kitchen, you can take advantage of the bounty of healthy, in-season produce at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. And if you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, you can reap the rewards and the satisfaction of steaming your own freshly picked vegetables. Once you add gently steamed vegetables and seafood to your meal rotation, many people find that canned

and frozen foods lose a lot of their appetite appeal. Don’t be surprised if the Digital Food Steamer earns a permanent place on your kitchen countertop because it’s so versatile and easy to use. Fill the Digital Food Steamer with water, place one or two of the transparent bowls filled with food atop the base and set the cooking timer. You’re free to complete other tasks as food steams, because when your food is ready, it sounds a “beep” and automatically switches to warm.






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