Garment Steamer (11550)
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Garment Steamer
MODEL: 11550
  • Spend less on dry cleaning - save money & refresh your clothes at home
  • Water tank fills up at the sink for 90 minutes of steaming power
  • Also great for drapes & bedskirts
  • Gentle on fabrics - great for cotton blends, synthetics & more
  • Telescoping pole retracts for storage
  • Casters roll for mobility
  • Fabric crease tool & bristle brush upholstery attachments included
Dimensions (inches): 32.5 H x 10.38 W x 16.5 D

 A quick solution for a fresh look.

Freshen your clothes between trips to the dry cleaner, refresh your bed skirt or steam your favorite silk dress with the Hamilton Beach Full-Size Garment Steamer. It offers a quick and economical solution for frequent steaming needs, heats quickly, and provides the powerful steam performance you need to remove wrinkles effortlessly.

How to Steam Using the Full-Size Garment Steamer:

  • Fill the removable tank with cool water from the sink and place back onto steamer.
  • Plug until into an electrical outlet, and turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.
  • Wait at least one minute for the steam to start flowing from the steam nozzle.
  • Begin steaming at the top of the garment, slowly moving the steam nozzle vertically up and down to cover the entire garment.

Using the Crease and Brush Attachments:

  • The Brush Attachment is perfect for steaming upholstery, pillows and other fabrics. It can also be used to freshen clothing and fabrics that have become "matted" over time, and it assists with lint removal while steaming.
  • The Creasing Attachment is ideal for steaming creases into pants, shirt cuffs and collars.

Test Kitchen Garment Steamer Tips:

  • When steaming, touching fabrics lightly with the steam nozzle/handle will assist in wrinkle removal.
  • For more difficult wrinkles, try steaming from the underside of the fabric. This allows the fibers in the material to relax.
  • Pants are more easily steamed upside down, holding the cuffs.
  • The garment steamer is also ideal for steaming curtains, upholstery, and other fabric items that are difficult or unable to be ironed.
  • To add water while operating the garment steamer, first switch the steamer OFF and then remove the water tank and refill.
  • The retractable pole should be fully extended during operation to ensure the free flow of steam through the flexible steam hose.
  • Inserting the retractable pole so that the integrated garment hanger faces the rear of the unit will ensure stability while steaming clothing.

How to Clean the Garment Steamer:
Follow these tips for cleaning your garment steamer monthly to avoid mineral deposits and buildup, which can affect the steaming performance of garment steamers.

  • Mix a solution of one cup white vinegar and one cup water, then pour the solution into the water tahnk and replace the cap.
  • Return water tank to the steamer, turn the unit ON and let the liquid solution steam out of the steam handle and nozzle.
  • Repeat the process with clean water until the vinegar smell is no longer present.





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