6 Quart Oval Programmable Set & Forget® Slow Cooker (33961)
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6 Quart Oval Programmable Set & Forget® Slow Cooker
MODEL: 33961
  • 6 quart capacity
    • Premium die-cast cookware for stovetop searing and oven-safe broiling
    • Flavorful results - stovetop searing and browning improve the taste and appearance of the finished meal
  • 3 choices for easy, automatic cooking
    1. Probe:
      • Set to the desired meat temperature
      • Automatically shifts to keep warm when temperature is reached
    2. Program:
      • Set the cooking time
      • Automatically shifts to keep warm when time is up
    3. Manual:
      • Works like a traditional slow cooker

Dimensions (inches): 11.4 H x 17.1 W X 11.8 D


Eliminate weeknight stress with the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker. With three choices for automatic cooking, having a family meal on a busy weeknight is easier than ever. What you make and how you prepare it are up to you. Three smart settings – probe, program and manual – allow you to cook foods to a specific temperature, for a set number of hours or on High, Low or Warm settings for up to 24 hrs. Advanced features like a temperature display and probe minimize the chances of overcooking your meal.

Smart Settings for the Busy Home Cook
Smart technology allows you to cook a wide range of recipes to either a specific temperature when using the Probe setting or to a desired cooking time when using the Program setting. When your food is done cooking on either of these settings, the slow cooker will automatically switch to Warm. Or, use the Manual setting to cook on traditional Low or High heat.

Stovetop Searing
Searing meat before slow cooking will improve the taste and the appearance of your finished meal. Because the premium die-cast aluminum cookware insert can be used directly on your stovetop, it’s a seamless transition from searing to slow cooking.

Oven-Safe Broiling
Normally if you want to finish off your slow cooker recipe with a golden, crispy crust, you’d have to transfer the hot contents of the crock to a new dish and place it under the broiler. Because the die-cast aluminum cookware can go straight in the oven, broiling your meal once it’s done is safe and simple.

Temperature Probe Cooks to a Precise Temperature
The Probe setting is great when cooking cuts of meat. What’s even better? Seeing the meat’s internal temperature displayed right on the screen. Set the slow cooker to the desired temperature, insert the probe into the meat and the slow cooker will automatically shift to Warm when the programmed temperature is reached.






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