20 Cup Capacity (Cooked) Rice Cooker (37542)
20 Cup Capacity (Cooked) Rice Cooker
MODEL: 37542
  • Versatile - cooks rice and grains from all over the world
  • Cook up to 20 cups of every kind of rice (10 cups uncooked)
  • Perfect rice every time
  • Automatically cooks rice, then shifts to warm
  • Accessories included - steaming basket, rice paddle & measuring container
  • Dishwasher safe nonstick bowl & glass lid
Dimensions (inches): 10.83 H x 12.72 W x 10.71 D

Making delicious rice and whole grains is easy with the Hamilton Beach® 20 Cup Capacity Rice Cooker. Just place the ingredients in the nonstick bowl, turn on, and the rice will cook perfectly on its own, giving you time to prepare the rest of your meal.

You can easily cook quinoa, barley, or even Jasmine rice without worrying about boiling water, changing settings, or even the timer. The Hamilton Beach® 20 Cup Capacity Rice Cooker will automatically shift to warm once the cook cycle is complete. And with a 20 cup cooked rice capacity, you’ll have enough to feed a crowd.

Need a vegetable to go with dinner? Steam broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and other favorites in the included steaming basket. Simply place the basket in the cooker during the rice cook cycle or on its own until it reaches desired tenderness. The glass lid makes it easy to peek at your food to see how it’s progressing.

Clean up is a snap with the dishwasher safe nonstick cooking bowl and glass lid. Versatile and easy to use the Hamilton Beach® 20 Cup Capacity Rice Cooker, now in black, takes a bit of the work out of home cooking.

Add a Side of Veggies
Want to serve a vegetable side dish or dumplings alongside your rice? Use the optional steaming basket. Simply fill the basket and add to the cooker toward the end of your rice cooking cycle or use it on its own. Corn, fresh green beans, and asparagus come out tender and delicious. To use this convenient function to steam only, fill the bowl half way with water and set to cook. Turn unit to warm or off when it has reached the desired tenderness.

Accessories Included
Use the included measuring cup for perfect water to rice or grain ratio. The steamer tray is great for steaming everything from corn to summer squash. Finally, the included paddle makes it simple to dish up your meal.

Glass Lid
Peeking in on your foods as they cook is easy with the glass lid.

Versatile Usage
Make up to two dishes with one cooker. We’ve made it easy to cook your rice or grains and steam a veggie side dish simultaneously.

Cooks Whole Grains Too
Rice Cookers are great for cooking whole grains. And since we are all supposed to be eating at least three servings of whole grains per day, this cooker makes it simple to prepare at home. Our home economists spent countless hours in the kitchen making everything from quinoa to buckwheat, and the results were palate pleasing. Sorghum, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, millet, wheat berries and farro all cooked to perfection.

Take a Fluffy, Hot Rice Tour of the World
Hamilton Beach® Rice Cookers make mounds of delicious, fluffy rice with minimal effort. These popular appliances cook rice to the perfect moistness and texture, and shift settings to keep rice warm until serving time.

These rice cookers are perfect for any family that enjoys cuisines from around the world. Try a nice basmati one day, and a brown rice the next. Or, maybe try black or sticky rice. Hamilton Beach® Rice Cookers are so versatile and easy to use; you can have an ethnic dinner tour just by pairing a different rice or whole grain with your meal every day of the week.







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