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Cook Like a Pro with Hamilton Beach® Professional

Want to achieve professional cooking results at home? Let Hamilton Beach help you experiment and master restaurant-quality cooking with helpful tips, recipes and professional-level, countertop kitchen appliances designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior durability.

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Should I Go Pro?

Upgrading to professional-style small kitchen appliances can take your meals to the next level, whether you’ve just taken an interest in cooking or you can already flambé, braise, broil, cure and clarify with the best of them. Are your tools up to the task?

7 Techniques Every Home Chef Should Master

Sure, you can bake, sauté and scramble an egg or two. But do you know the difference between mixing and emulsifying? Or boiling and blanching? Get familiar with these advanced cooking techniques, and consider yourself Top Chef material.

Cook Like a Pro: 13 Recipes Every Home Chef Needs in Their Back Pocket

Want to achieve professional cooking results at home? We’ve rounded up thirteen recipes that will impress your friends and family, but are easily achievable for anyone who has an interest in experimenting with advanced cooking techniques and a wide array of ingredients. 

Cook Like a Pro: The No-Stress Plan for Hosting Friends and Family

The true test of becoming a pro in the kitchen? Cooking for other people. The pressure is on to impress, and there’s a million things to think about that you normally wouldn’t—planning a menu, getting the timing right, accommodating different dietary needs and figuring out where to seat everyone, to name a few.

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