Inside the Consumer Test Kitchen

At our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, the Hamilton Beach Brands Consumer Test Kitchen is buzzing with Good Thinking®. This is where you'll find our resident culinary expert, Lynne Just, who puts our products to the test just the way you’ll use them at home: in a real kitchen with real recipes, made with food readily available in everyday grocery stores. Lynne carefully develops user guides, explores food trends, and creates recipes that will enable busy families to make delicious dishes and tasty treats with confidence and ease. While many companies outsource this work, at Hamilton Beach we are proud to have an in-house test kitchen run by our skilled expert who works hard to advocate for the consumer and ensure all our products are perfectly suited for a home kitchen.

From recipe development to product guidance, here are just a few ways our Consumer Test Kitchen is working for you.

Meet the Hamilton Beach Consumer Test Kitchen


Lynne Just

Lynne Just is the Consumer Test Kitchen Manager at Hamilton Beach Brands where she creates new recipes, tests products, and develops use and care manuals for products. Before joining Hamilton Beach in December 2021, she worked for Sur La Table, Inc. as a Resident Chef/Program Manager. Lynne is passionate about food and especially loves to create delicious pies and homemade ice cream. She believes that great cooks are not born but blossom through trial and error. “The joy is in the process of trying new things and perfecting dishes to your taste,” she says. “That's how you'll truly learn to cook with confidence.” Lynne received her BA in education from the College of William & Mary and holds an AAS in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts Career Studies Certificate from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia. When not in the kitchen, Lynne spends time with her three grown children and enjoys the beach, home DIY projects, and volunteering.

Favorite Cooking Quote

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” - Julia Child

Favorite Recipes

Steak and Winter Root Vegetables with Herb Compound Butter
Lemon Blueberry Prosecco Sorbet



Laurie Klein (retired, 2023)

Laurie Klein was a Consumer Test Kitchen Specialist at Hamilton Beach and retired during 2023.





Pat Schweitzer (retired, 2021)

Pat Schweitzer was the Consumer Test kitchen Manager at Hamilton Beach for many years and retired at the end of 2021.

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