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Since Magnolia Bakery opened its first shop in New York City more than 25 years ago, the bakery has become an iconic brand and global purveyor of classic American desserts. Now Magnolia Bakery and Hamilton Beach have teamed up to create a beautiful and powerful hand mixer that can take your baking to the next level.

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The sweet story of Magnolia Bakery

The sweet story of Magnolia Bakery

After opening its first shop in 1996 in Manhattan’s West Village, Magnolia Bakery expanded to additional locations in New York City, then to cities across the US and around the world. Learn about the bakery’s storied history, including its 2001 cameo appearance on Sex and the City.

Why you might need a DC-motor mixer

Why you might need a DC-motor mixer

Nearly all of the commercial mixers used in bakeries and restaurants feature DC motors, while most inexpensive kitchen mixers sold in the US run on AC motors. Does that mean that a home baker doesn’t need a DC-motor mixer? Or that a serious home baker should have one?

Get baking with 7 recipes from Magnolia Bakery

Get baking with 7 recipes from Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery has helped millions of people around the world celebrate life’s sweetest moments. Now, thanks to our partnership with the iconic bakery, you can make many of their famous desserts at home.

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