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Crafting the perfect cup of coffee is both a science and an art. Are you a casual coffee drinker in search of a no-nonsense coffee maker or an espresso addict looking for a great machine for your morning latte? Whatever your coffee ambitions are, our Hamilton Beach® coffee makers, coffee grinders and espresso machines are expertly engineered and ready to serve you a delicious cup.

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Maximize Your Brewing Flexibility with FlexBrew®

With a FlexBrew® coffee maker, you have the ability to create a cup of coffee for a crowd or just for yourself. Whether you are using a single-serve pack or freshly ground beans, the FlexBrew® offers you options. Discover more about these inspiring machines.


Maintain Fresh-Brewed Flavor with BrewStation®

The BrewStation® is one of Hamilton Beach’s most innovative coffee makers, most notable for featuring an internal tank which holds the brewed coffee instead of a traditional glass carafe. Find out if this is the coffee maker you’ve been looking for.

3 Coffee Maker Innovations You Didn’t Know You Needed

3 Coffee Maker Innovations You Didn’t Know You Needed

Think there’s only so many ways to improve on something people have been buying for ages? Think again. We’ve been making coffee makers here at Hamilton Beach for decades, but that doesn’t mean once we perfected a design we decided to call it a day. Here, three upgrades in design and technology that you’ll definitely want in your next coffee maker.

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How to Pick the Best Coffee Maker

Drinking the best home-brewed coffee starts with choosing the right coffee maker. We’ve rounded up our top tips to guide you through the process and help you decide which kind of brewer will meet your needs.

10 Reasons to Clean Your Coffee Maker

10 Reasons to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Whether you’re buying coffee directly from a local roaster or buying a can of store bought coffee, it just tastes better if you’re brewing from a clean coffee maker. Discover how to quickly and easily clean your coffee maker.

Brewing Basics

Brewing Basics

Every great cup of coffee begins with these five basics— know the roasts, start with whole beans, measure your ingredients, water quality, and filters. No matter how you choose to brew, these tips can be used to brew the best cup of coffee at home every time.

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